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Leadwork by 1st Roofing Edinburgh

When it comes to uses on the roof of a house or other building, lead is most commonly found in the flashings.  These are the joins between sections such as the roof tiles and the chimney that ensure everything remains weatherproof and strong.  Lead has long been popular for this type of job because it extremely durable and looks aesthetically pleasing.  Even before the availability of sheet lead, craftsmen shaped the lead into flashings because they didn’t need replacing frequently and the same applies today.

Modern leadwork on Edinburgh roofs and around the country can vary from those found on listed buildings that were made using traditional methods to modern style, mass produced flashings.  When it does come around time to renew or repair these flashings, it is often best to get an experienced roofer to do the job.

Working with lead isn’t the easiest job in the world and experience working with it is vitally important, therefore, when replacing the flashings or other leadwork on the roof of your house needs to be done, call 1st Roofing Edinburgh. We are a regional specialist with extensive experience working on the roofs around the city and understand the different components that may be required.  Rather than risk an accident by climbing onto the roof and potential injury working with the lead, allow the professionals to do the work for you.  Give us a call today for a customised quote for the work you need doing.

If you are looking for a reliable leadwork company in Edinburgh, or a surrounding area, please contact 1st Roofing Edinburgh for a free leadwork quote.

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